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Jane Austen Investigates: The Convict’s Canal (#3)

UK Publisher: Lion Hudson

Set in the early industrial revolution and the great canal building age, a young Jane Austen takes on the role of detective as she seeks to solve the mysterious events at the Oxford canal terminus.

Nearing completion, convicts work on completing the wharf overseen by the charming secretary Mr George, who shows Jane around. A rude convict Gardiner does not make a good impression though. When Gardiner goes missing and canal funds turn up short, an exciting manhunt ensues but Jane begins to expect something suspicious about the secretary and the reasons why Gardiner was in prison. Were Jane’s first impressions very wrong about the relative merits of the convict and the secretary? With the ever-present Austen spirit, Jane with notebook in hand, boldly overcomes the obstacles to finding the truth and exposes some intriguing secrets.

Inspired by Austen’s third novel Pride and Prejudice.

Julia Golding was born in Essex. After reading English at Cambridge, she joined the Foreign Office. Then she exchanged diplomacy...