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No Escape

UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Spike Falconer is in prison on the Isle of Wight – convicted of murder. What made him choose four innocent strangers, a family picnicking, as his victims? Why did he need to kill?

Four years late, forensic psychologist Karen Taylor comes to probe the mind of this psychopath. Trying to recover from the death of her husband and the dark memories surrounding it, Karen is hopeful that her grandmother’s chalet, situated in remote woodland, will be the ideal hideaway.

Karen quickly finds herself drawn into life on the island. She becomes involved with DCI Charlie Trench, cool and abrasive, the opposite in every way to her partner Will Hawkins. Trench is convinced that whoever killed the picnicking family is responsible for a string of other murders on the island. And Karen has to get to know Spike’s adoptive family, the rich and influential Falconers, who are tight lipped and closing ranks.

Someone on the island doesn’t want Karen getting too close to spike. The more she learns, the more afraid she becomes of those who are threatened by her discoveries. When Spike escapes from prison, and Karen finds herself in the frame for murder, she knows she is going to need all her professional skills to outsmart a truly manipulative killer.



“A thriller that is both exciting and credible” Literary Review


“A fascinating, splendidly atmospheric read” Guardian


“Excellent” Daily Telegraph


“An altogether satisfying novel” The  Times

Natasha Cooper lives in London and writes for a variety of newspapers and journals. She was Chairman of the Crime Writer's...