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Killer Tune

A fifteen-year-old boy firebombs a building as he listens to Vivaldi’s Winter Concerto splicing behind a red hot R ‘n’ B track. 


A veteran musician is found dead in an alley with the pulse of an old time reggae classic playing in his pocket.


Rap sensation Lord Tribulation discovers his new found stardom threatened when he finds himself in the middle of both incidents. His music is accused of inciting the firebombing, and the dead musician is his father.


With the beat of the media and government blasting down his neck, LT’s search for the truth about his father’s death takes him back to an old flame, and on a retro trail to 1976.


A time when music was politics and politics was music.


A time when the heat-drenched streets of Notting Hill burst into open rebellion.


A time that could lead to his own murder…