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Killings on Jubilee Terrace

UK Publisher: Allison & Busby
US Publisher: Scribners

Meet the cast of Jubilee Terrace, one of the most popular soap operas on British Television; from the archaic Lady Wharton to hot young thing Dawn Kerridge, the show is a favourite for the whole family.

Recently however, Vernon Watts, aka Bert Potter (one of the longest standing members of the cast) died suddenly of a heart attack. Terrible as his death was, it wasn’t without its benefits, and those in the production team were quick to make the most of the opportunity. As news of Vernon’s untimely demise spread, bringing vacant spots to fill in the soap’s scripts, the shows bosses decide to bring back an old character for a major plot line. The notorious Cyril Wharton, played by the equally infamous Hamish Fawley, is all set to return, despite the disapproval of the remaining cast.

But when a suspicious letter emerges raising questions about Vernon’s supposed ‘natural death’ and an arson attack kills two more of the cast, it would appear something more sinister is afoot. The scriptwriters are clearly not the only ones capable of killing off the characters…