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Knock Knock

UK Publisher: Headline

Cowerworth is the picture perfect neighbourhood, Its manicured lawns and low crime rates make it the ideal place to raise a family. But life in a quiet suburb means someone is always watching. And all eyes are on the couple who have just moved in.

Marcus and Gina are everything you could want in neighbours: polite and friendly. They seem to be the perfect fit in the community. Except Marcus has a secret.

Sarah has a beautiful home, a doting consultant cardiologist husband and an 8 year old son, Dillon. Sarah goes through the motions of wife and mother but there’s something missing from her life.

After a curious introduction Sarah finds herself spending more and more time with her new next door neighbour Marcus; outside for air at dinner parties; over the garden fence, collapsed at the end, giving them plenty of opportunities for private conversations.

Marcus is awakening things in her she hasn’t felt for years.

Sarah is awakening things in him that he hasn’t felt for years.

How will this end?

Irreverent, dark and addictive, KNOCK KNOCK is a nail-biting, spine-tingling and thrilling ride….









Michelle Teahan is a qualified Medical Scientist but her passion has always been writing stories. She loves creating strong female characters, putting...