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Kung Fu High School

UK Publisher: Hodder Mobius

There’s a place in America where rules and laws don’t apply. It’s called Kung Fu High School.

Who you are doesn’t matter.
How you dress doesn’t matter.
What race you happen to belong to doesn’t matter.
Who you have sex with doesn’t matter.
What god you pray to doesn’t matter.

Only one thing matters at KFHS and it’s a question you have to ask yourself: if nothing else mattered could you pound another human being into submission just to survive?

In a world where life or death choices are daily occurrences pain is unavoidable and consequences permanent. 15-year-old Jen and her classmates must fight for survival.

Be taken right up to the edge of the unbearable and beyond as Kung Fu High School spells out the last dying breath of the American Dream – right before stamping on its throat.


Praise for Kung Fu High School:

“(T)he martial arts mayhem is as detailed and balletic as a John Woo movie.”  Publishers Weekly

“It’s so tense that at times you have absolutely no idea what has just happened in the real world because you’re in The Fu, entirely. You feel every blow, every break. And what a climax … I want to tell you all about it so that I can discuss with you how wonderful, tragic and ultimately cathartic it was…but I won’t. You’ll just have to keep a strong stomach and see for yourself.”  Rebecca Pearson, The Independent on Sunday