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UK Publisher: Allison & Busby
US Publisher: Scribners

Everyone in Crossley knew May McNabb. As a local headmistress, she found a place in the hearts of generations as a woman to respect and love. Upon May’s retirement, her daughter Eve thought they would finally have the time to become close again. But it wasn’t to be; within months of retiring May McNabb had died – suddenly and painfully – of the Cancer she had kept secret from her daughter.


Lying innocently among the condolence cards and bills on May’s doormat, Eve finds a letter with the potential to unravel everything she thought she knew about her mother. As she reads its contents, Eve comes to realise there was a part of May’s life she didn’t know at all – a part that held a secret which would have shocked her family and the close-knit community she lived in if it had ever become known.



“Unexpected solutions and a clever closing switch make this a satisfying read.” Publishers Weekly