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Les Normaux

UK Publisher: Bloomsbury
US Publisher: Avon

‘One of my favourite webcomics of all time’ Alice Oseman

Boy moves to new city. Boy meets vampire. They kiss, then become friends. But both would like something more.
A global Webtoon phenomenon and LGBTQ+ graphic novel about friendship, love and magic.

Sébastien recently moved to supernatural Paris hoping to get away from his troubles at home and live a peaceful life learning magic. But what are you going to do when the really hot vampire you made out with last night to forget your troubles turns out to be your new neighbor?

Sébastien (a demisexual boy with “main character hair” and a bunny named Pierre), meet Elia (a hot, supermodel, vampire neighbor and crush).

Join Elia, Sébastien and their assorted crew of wonderful friends, as they navigate the ins and outs of dating in a modern and paranormal love story.

Janine, or better known online as JJ, has been drawing and writing comics ever since she could hold a pencil,...