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Let Me Be Like Water

UK Publisher: Melville House
US Publisher: Melville House

Under the cathartic spell of the sea, and with a little help from a retired magician, a young woman learns how to rebuild her life in this stunningly poignant debut from a talented new writer.

Holly moved to Brighton to escape her grief over the death of her boyfriend. But now she is here, sitting on a bench, listening to the sea… The solitude she craved leaves her feeling wrecked. But after she meets Frank, the tide begins to shift. Gradually, as he introduces Holly to a circle of friends, young and old, all with their own stories of love and grief to share, she learns to live again.

A moving and powerful debut, Let Me Be Like Water is simultaneously about nothing and everything: about the humdrum yet extraordinariness of everyday life; of lost and new connections; of lonliness and friendship. S. K. Perry’s beautiful imagery of the Brighton coast muddle with the emotional ebb and flow of her moving story introduce her as a young, new author to watch.