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Lost Daughter


March 16, 1978.  Aldo Moro, Head of the Christian Democratic Party and the man who is certain to be Italy’s next president, is abducted.
Moro’s subsequent death at the hand of The Red Brigades stuns Italy and triggers a massive hunt to arrest the renegades. The movement eventually withers and The Moro Affair is set aside as a frightening, but perhaps best forgotten, footnote to history.
In present day Florence, an American student goes missing. Her father and stepmother are distraught – and well connected. Kristen, however, has run away before. So neither Pallioti, one of Florence’s most senior policemen, nor Enzo Saenz, who works for him, are particularly concerned. Until they see a picture of the much older man Kristen has been spending time with…
Within hours, Pallioti confirms that the man was recently released from the prison where he had been serving a life sentence for his role in the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. Before he can dig deeper for a potential connection, the girl’s step-mother, Anne Carson, also vanishes.
Trailing Anne to Ferrara, Enzo finds himself enmeshed in web of false identities, betrayed loyalties and revenge. At its centre is Anne, a woman he is increasingly drawn to but knows he should not trust. At stake is the life of an eighteen year old girl.
With the horrors of the past rising behind them and their futures hanging in the balance, Enzo Saenz is on unfamiliar ground and playing the deadliest game of his life.