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The Make

UK Publisher: Harper Collins

Life is good for Gracie Doyle – running her Manchester casino keeps her busy. Until the police turn up at her door one day and her world is turned upside down. She is given news that her two estranged brothers have been viciously attacked. George is in hospital on a ventilator and, worryingly, Harry is missing.

Gracie has no option but to leave the good life and dip her toe into the murky waters of her East End past. She leaves for London in an attempt to avenge her brothers – and in doing so she uncovers some unsavoury secrets about the lifestyle they’ve been leading. Their little games have got them into big trouble with the wrong people…and Gracie must keep her wits about her and try and find Harry, or it could prove fatal…


‘All you need for a good crime book in my opinion is a great story, strong characters and great writing. I can assure you that Jessie Keane has all three in abundance’