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Midnight Lamp

UK Publisher: Gollancz

Scientific magic, environmental meltdown, and rockstars more famous than God – the Bold As Love adventure continues, spinning a web of daring, dread and enchantment, in a world that could almost be ours.

Rufus O’Niall is dead and the green nazi occupation defeated – but at huge cost to the three extraordinary people who saved England from the dark. Shattered and deeply changed by the sacrifices they each had to make, Fiorinda, Ax and Sage are in hiding from their friends and fans in Mexico, but when they’re tracked down by an emissary of US President Fred Eiffrich, he makes them an offer they can’t refuse. It’s about a movie, allegedly… But that’s not all. Twenty-first Century Hollywood has gone virtual, without losing any of its tinsel, or any of its enormous power over the hearts and minds of billions. What if another monster like Rufus O’Niall has found a way to plug into the terrible might of the global audience? What if the Celtics’ wild concept of a human superweapon could become runaway reality? The President is desperate to stop this happening, but his hands are tied…

Ax has to fight dirty, for the future and against the might of a collapsing superpower. Meanwhile, Sage finds himself drawn to an old flame and Fiorinda, whose memories of horror are threatening her sanity, struggles with a deadly addiction.

Bold As Love, the first book in the series, won the prestigious Arthur C Clarke Award.

“Ian Banks on acid….mesmerising” – The Guardian

“A writer of visionary skills, with a striking and poetic narrative style” – The Independent.