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UK Publisher: Robert Hale
US Publisher: Doubleday (rights reverted)
Jo Bannister’s startling and sinister tale of international intrigue, suspense, and terror. In a colourful mosaic that stretches from the quiet country lanes of England to the brutal torture chambers of South Africa, Bannister explores the darker sides of world politics and the human psyche.
Joel Grant is an expatriot white South African who once fought side by side with his black countrymen. Two years ago he paid the price for his convictions—tortured at the hands of Joachim De Witte, head of South African Intelligence. Now, Grant has been kidnapped from his refuge in the English countryside by an agent of the South African government. It seems De Witte lies in a hospital bed close to death, and by a bizarre twist of fate his survival depends on Grant’s return to Pretoria.
Liz Fallon, the beautiful woman who nursed Joel back to health, is determined to save him once again. In Pretoria, she sets out to trace the web of blood and violence that binds together the two mortal enemies. And to unearth the dark, long-buried secret which will decide, at last, which man lives . . . and which man must die.