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Hangman’s Curfew


Mrs. Bradley’s niece-by-courtesy, Gillian, is instructed to embark upon a walking holiday, as rehabilitation after a failed romance. Once alone, amidst the border castle, colourful heather, and wild moors of Northumberland, Gillian not only succeeds in forgetting all about her past love, but also manages to stumble across an intriguing mystery.

Mrs. Bradley finds herself drawn into the puzzle – but by chance or design, she cannot decide –and is forced to pit her considerable wits against as ruthless and unscrupulous an adversary as she has ever encountered.

Church ghosts; music hall mayhem; a repeated and perplexing case of strychnine poisoning; and- not forgetting- hidden treasure, are just some of the things with which Mrs. Bradley must contend, before a murderer can be finally brought to a long awaited justice.