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When Last I Died

Mrs. Bradley can’t resist looking into an old case when she comes across the diary of an alleged murderess in this 1941 classic detective novel, often called the author’s best book.

It was quite by accident that Mrs. Bradley found the diary of a woman, now dead, who a few years earlier had been arrested, tried and acquitted of murdering a professional ghosthunter. Mrs. Bradley has dealt with murderers before, but she has always dealt with them as a professional psychiatrist – coolly, scientifically, almost flippantly. Now, however, the brilliant old lady is fiercely determined to bring a cruel and ruthless murderer to bay – even if she has to open up the grave of the woman most people think wrongfully escaped the gallows. It proves to be one of the most difficult cases in Mrs. Bradley’s career, even prompting our celebrated sleuth to take several wrong turns herself.