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Mrs Fytton’s Country Life

UK Publisher: Faber & Faber

When Angela Fytton – wonderwife, supermother, bedroom vamp and business partner – is unceremoniously dumped by her husband who has decided to trade her in for a younger model, she rediscovers the iron in her soul and decides to fight. Leaving her entirely selfish teenage children with their father and his sweet new bride, she moves to the country and she waits. One day, she knows, her husband will return. Meanwhile she yields herself up to the notion that country life is pure and good and that country people are next to angels – and finds that this is very far from the truth …

With sympathy and wit, Mavis Cheek charts her heroine’s attempt to find fulfilment that is not based on romantic attachments but on self-respect and independence.

“Mavis Cheek’s fiction is entirely amiable; witty, sharp and vivacious” – Observer

“Cheek makes you laugh out loud, repeatedly ….. Prozac on the page” – Daily Mail

“What sheer delight!” – Boston Globe

“Marriage, mores and country life – several targets are spiked by the joyous wit and unerring satire bubbling deliciously away.” – Aura