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My Lurid Past

UK Publisher: Time Warner

This is a delicious romantic comedy for grown-ups – sexy, warm-hearted and hugely entertaining.

Food PR Juliet Cooper has never had any trouble meeting men – she just doesn’t want them hanging round her flat on a Sunday, asking her how she feels about her mother. But after four years of serial dating, she’s discovering that men have a tendency to repeat on you. Meanwhile, her best friend Gillian’s sex life pretty much ended when she said “I do”.

Juliet and Gillian are secretly envious of each other’s lives. The comfort and companionship of marriage? Lovely! The excitement and freedom of a single life? Bliss! But then the grass is always greener, as they’re about to discover …

Lauren Henderson’s deliciously funny new novel tells the truth about what women really want, and how sometimes – against all the odds – they get it.

“An honest, sexy approach to matters of the heart” – The Bookseller