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Neighbors and Other Stories

UK Publisher: Faber
US Publisher: Grove Atlantic

And she was becoming frightened too, looking at all those white faces pressed against the windowpanes.

One Black family comes under attack as their little boy prepares to start at an all-white school.
Friends plan a protest sit-in at the Rose Crest Tea Room, only to be arrested.
The first Black student – always the ‘Experiment’ – retreats into her closet at a newly integrated college.
And when a social worker enters a secluded woodland cabin, she meets the fate of all visitors . . .

Tragically killed aged twenty-two in 1966, Diane Oliver’s masterly stories resonate today with renewed urgency. Steeped in the nightmarish horror of life for the Black community in the Jim Crow-era American South, these chilling tales explore toxic racism and the human toll of activism for ‘the cause’ with heartbreaking empathy and wisdom. Depicting African American families whole and broken, daily injustices and life-threatening political struggle, Neighbors restores a lost star to the twentieth-century literary canon.

Diane was born in Charlotte, North Carolina where she went to public schools. After graduating from high school, she attended...