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The New Mum’s Notebook

UK Publisher: Hucthinson

‘You’ve created the book that we all wish we’d had.’ Clemmie, mum of two

What do new mums want most of all (apart from sleep)? They want someone to tell them what they’re feeling is ‘normal.’ That they’re doing ok. That THEY will be ok.

The New Mum’s Notebook does all of this, and more.

Amy Ransom, mum of three, is the writer of the Surviving Motherhood blog. She believes that no new mum should feel lost or overwhelmed. So she wrote The New Mum’s Notebook to help each one navigate the first year of life with a baby, however she chooses to raise them.

Here are 304 pages of reassurance, love and advice to support, inspire and entertain – whether it’s baby number one or number five that’s just arrived.

Divided into the first 12 months of motherhood, there are also spaces to scribble everything down and to keep thoughts, feelings and memories from those crazy early days.

From night feeds, napping and weaning; to which films to cue up on Netflix, finding some headspace and getting all the support, coffee and cake you need, Amy has been there – and this is the book she wishes she’d had by her side. She also knows – like the army of mums who have gone before – that it will get easier and that one day soon sleep and sanity will come again. Promise.

‘This book has reduced me to tears with its honesty and kindness. It reminds me I’m not alone.’ Victoria, mum of two

‘I’ve had loads of baby record books and never ever filled one in. This book feels so different. I love it.’ Annabel, mum of five