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Night Hunter

Elvie McCulloch’s sister Sophie has been missing for fifty-seven days. She went out for a run – and never came home. Several young women in the area have disappeared in similar circumstances, and Elvie’s family fear the worst.

As Elvie is driving to her new job late at night, the naked, emaciated body of a young woman crashed from the cliff above onto an oncoming car. Why was she up there? Where had she been all this time? And why was she runnig for her life?

Teaming up with retired detective Billy Hopkirk, who’s been retained by the mother of one of the missing girls to find her daughter, Elvie determines to find out the truth. But as the pair alternately collaborate with and infuriate the official investigating team of Anderson and Costello, they find themselves up against a terrifying enemy. Someone who has killed before. Someone who preys on young women. Someone they call The Nighthunter.


“I greatly enjoyed this book, as I have done with others by this author, and highly recommend it!” –

“Crackling dialogue helps sweep along the ingenious plot as Ramsay shows she is as adept at manipulating herreaders as she is her readers.” – The Express

“This book is definitely one chiller of a thriller…. it was intriguing and even disturbing. I do hope there will be another book with Elvira as the lead character because I want to know she’s doing fine and moving forward. I think that shows how successful the author was in telling her story.” – NetGallery , 4 out of 5 star review

“Creepy, chilling, bizarre, and utterly compelling, Ramsay’s latest entry in her Anderson and Costello series will grab readers from page 1. An outstanding thriller that’s tense and shocking.” – Booklist

Magic. Pure magic. Loved, loved, loved this book. The author serves up a feast of character and a fascinating family dynamic along with a worryingly claustrophobic feel and a twist of that famous Ramsay humour.” –, 5 starred review

“Ramsay’s insights into tortured psyches makes for compelling, if often painful, reading.” – Publishers Week

“This is not a cozy mystery. This is hard reality with dysfunctional people and dark desires. It won’t make you sleep well.” – bkfaerie.blogspot

“If you enjoy clever, well-plotted, fast-moving crime thrillers (and who doesn’t?) the you’ll love The Night Hunter, especially if you have a weakness for “tartan noir”. I loved it”–

Caro Ramsay was born and educated in Glasgow. Now in her late thirties, she lives in a village on the...