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A secret history, a menacing future, and a killer who knows too much… ‘It is our secret. No one guesses that we are nightspinners. No one knows how much we talk, or about the words we weave between us. We work in silence, and when our mother eases the door open she rewards us for what she assumes is our sleep. She whispers "You are such a good girl." She says it just once, to both of us, as if we were one. Which, in fact, we are. We are two peas in a pod. Marina and me. Mirror images. We are twins." Twenty years later Marina is dead, horrifically murdered, her body discovered only three days after the killer struck in her apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. But what haunts Susannah the most is the phone call she never returned, the last chance she would ever be given to make amends with her estranged twin sister. Until, that is, Susannah herself becomes victim to a stalker, someone who pursues her with an uncanny knowledge of her fears, her regrets and her secret history. And so Susannah is forced into a journey back to her childhood home, to the idyllic past she shared with Marina where, very possibly, clues to the murder quietly lie.

NIGHTSPINNERS was shortlisted for the Silver Dagger.