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Plant Power

UK Publisher: Kyle Books

Balancing your diet by consuming animal protein is straightforward – a chicken breast, fillet of salmon or lamb chop are nearly pure protein – but there is very little that offers the vegetarian, vegan – or flexitarian – that ease.

In Plant Power, Annie Bell shows you how to source plant proteins from high-quality unrefined whole foods. She explains which foods contain protein and the simplest and most delicious ways to include a broad range in your diet to ensure that you optimise your protein consumption with no need for expensive supplements or ‘fake’ meats. Recipes include Three Seed Porridge with Berries for breakfast, Spicy Lentil Baked Eggs for a power brunch, a nourishing Spring Root and Farro Salad for lunch on the go and Halloumi and Pine Nut Burgers for a satisfying supper.

With comfort food like Spaghetti Carbonara and bowls of energy such as Cauliflower Dhal with Coco-Lime Yogurt, Annie shows that good nutrition and good food should always go hand in hand.

Annie Bell began her career as a chef before becoming a full-time cookery writer and author. Her books include Annie...