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Poo – A Natural History of the Unmentionable

UK Publisher: Walker Books

Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award

Hippos navigate by it, sloths keep in touch through it, rabbits eat it … and most grown-ups prefer not to mention it at all!

However you look at it, poo is probably the most useful stuff on Earth.

It comes in all shapes and sizes and every animal has its own special sort.

Find out what it’s for, where it goes, what we can learn from it and lots more in this lively and fantastically informative natural history book.

You’ll never think of poo the same way again!

Praise for Poo:

‘Your children will learn lots of facts to dazzle the playground’ – Observer

‘This is a simply brilliant natural history book that will raise a smile and communicate sound scientific concepts and information’ – Books for Keeps

‘Unputdownable’ – BBC Newsround website

‘The authors bring just the right amount of whimsy and scientific accuracy to their task… Davies is clear and creative’ – The New York Times Book Review