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Positive Not Pushy

UK Publisher: Vermillion

Being a pushy parent is not in fashion. The talk now is of the pressure put on children to succeed, the endless exams that they have to face and the way it can eat into their time for creative play. Yet most parents would still like to help their children do as well as possible, given whatever gifts they are born with and whatever opportunities are available. In most families the problem is not too much pressure, but ignorance of how to help children make the most of themselves. This easy-to-use book gives advice on the practicalities and psychology of encouraging a talent, while keeping your child happy and well-balanced.

A fascinating no nonsense distillation of all the information parents need to help a child succeed in any number of fields, without being a pushy parent.

Reviews for Cassandra’s first book HOW TO BE A BETTER PARENT

Times Educational Supplement
“a really helpful book, filled with practical advice”

Daily Telegraph
“a book that all parents will find funny, enlightening – and absolutely essential”

Oliver James
“I’m a better parent for reading this – and I’m an expert”

“…her words of wisdom about responding positively should be handed out to new parents at birth”