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Private Peaceful

UK Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

Set during the First World War this is the story of two brothers, Charlie and Tommo.

Filled with patriotism they join up and are sent to the Front never imagining how horrific it will be. Charlie is wounded and sent home on leave. He marries his childhood sweetheart Molly but has to return to France. He realises then that what is happening is morally wrong and that men are senselessly being sent into the jaws of death.

The story reaches a climax when Charlie tries to persuade his Sergeant not to proceed with an order that will bring certain death to many of his men. Tommo is slightly injured and Charlie against orders refuses to leave his side which brings the novel to a shocking finale. Tommo realises how strong Charlie’s love is for him and that together with a knowledge of what is right are the most important things in life.

This poignant and dramatic story is Morpurgo’s best yet.