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UK Publisher: Walker Books

Written in verse this tale of Prowlpuss, was shortlisted for the 1995 Smarties Book Prize (0-5 category). He is a rough, tough, wily, kingsize alley-cat with one ear and one eye. He’s not a lap cat, a cuddle-up-for-a-chat cat, a sit-in-the-window-and-stare cat, he’s an I-was-there cat, who prowls the alley at night making a terrible din. But what is all this hullabalooing really about? The answer is high in a tree, dancing like snowflakes in the moonlight – a tiny-white-star cat, the love of Prowlpuss’s life. Oh, how he longs for her!

But she won’t come down and eventually, at dawn, Prowlpuss slinks away love-lorn. Back home, old Nellie Smith, stirring from sleep, welcomes home with tender affection her “Sweet Prowly-wowly”. And unbeknown to Prowlpuss, the beautiful white cat is not quite as indifferent as she seemed, for there she is outside the house, having discreetly followed Prowlpuss home!