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Raking the Ashes

UK Publisher: Bantam Press

Lovers, colleagues, family – Tilly has always been brilliant at pushing people in and out of her life as it suits her. Then along comes Geoffrey, with his miserable little children and his manipulative ex-wife.

Tilly’s own expertise in the arts of deception and avoidance should be enough to make sure she’s always one step ahead of this hopeless family. But time and again she finds herself staying, brought down by their cowardly backtrackng and their barefaced lies.

How has she managed to stay so long in this relationship she has so come to despise? And, more importantly, how can she plan her permanent escape?

Raking the Ashes is a coruscating comedy about the ties that bind more savagely than any other – those of families.

“[Raking the Ashes is] cruel and very funny: a rare treat from the excellent Anne Fine” – Publishing News