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Resurrection of the Body

Two thousand years ago it was easier to believe in miracles and to lead a life of faith … but for Richard Page, vicar of a poor East End community in a more confused, cynical time, faith does not come so unquestioningly, and the experience he endures during the celebration of Easter proves how fragile his devotion really is.

The Good Friday service is shockingly interrupted when a man staggers in, bleeding from wounds inflicted during a vicious knife attack. There is no identification on him, and when he dies no one comes forward to claim the body. Then on Easter Sunday, even more bizarrely, his corpse disappears from the morgue, leaving the police baffled but suspicious. The events which follow are even more disturbing, and draw the vicar into a bruising quest to uncover the man’s identity and explain the unexplainable. His obsession will bring him into conflict with the police, with his superiors, his congregation and even his wife. As reality slips beyond his control, Page’s faith is battered almost beyond endurance.

The Resurrection of the Body explores issues of love and religion and madness within an eerie and unsettling mystery. Thought-provoking and controlled, this ingenious novel marks an impressive fiction debut from Maggie Hamand.