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UK Publisher: Egmont

Expats, espionage and the exotic setting of Nairobi – here’s an adventure-thriller you won’t be able to put down. Darcie Lock is inadvertently thrown into a world of SAS men, espionage, corruption, polo games and fashion parades when her father is taken hostage while investigating an international smuggling ring. Darcie didn’t even know her father was a secret agent – she thought he had a dead-end job processing visa applications!

Darcie is commissioned to find out what happened – she is the last person to be suspected of being a spy. Armed with her sharp wit and only a few gadgets, can Darcie save her father? Once again, Julia Golding will have you captivated from page one with this thrilling African adventure.

Ringmaster is the first in a series for the 10+ age group, featuring the sassy and resourceful Darcie.