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Roo Kickkick and the Big Bad Blimp

UK Publisher: Sceptre

This extraordinary, edgy novel follows the lives of the young residents of Barguss, a small town in western America, made famous because of an unfortunate accident involving a knife-wielding maniac and a runaway blimp. Roo Kickkick & the Big Bad Blimp is by turns wildly funny and warmly affectionate; it’s a story of Hollywood stars and punk bands, teenage crushes and beauty pageants, nobility lurking in unexpected places and the boredom, comedy and violence of small-town life. Ryan is an exceptionally talented writer and this novel reveals his ability to blend the comic and the poignantly tragic to devastating effect. This is a novel that will surprise and entertain, and resonate with readers long after they have finished it.

Praise for Roo KickKick and the Big Bad Blimp:

‘It is a senseless and sensational, violent, silly and unashamedly trashy novel with no discernable point to make. I highly recommend it…’ – Independent on Sunday

‘Full marks for panache, black humour and staying power’ – Guardian

‘Cocky, bold and highly stylised’ – Arena

‘Exuberant … very funny … Senseless and sensational, violent, silly and unashamedly trashy … I highly recommend it’ – Independent

‘Bubblegum snappy with a nasty artificial sweetener aftertaste … kinda quirky, kinda silly, kinda cool’ – Elle

‘Think South Park with a good dose of DBC Pierre thrown in and you’ll get the picture’ – Tatler

‘Always zany, frequently surreal … Intense madness’ – Time Out

‘Pretty damn great …. plenty of unhinged panache’ – The List