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Samuel Pepys: A Life

UK Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

A highly energetic man who enjoyed a career of extraordinary richness and diversity, Samuel Pepys was always at the centre of affairs, witnessing great national events such as the Plague, the Fire of London, the Dutch Wars, the brief but fateful reign of James II and the Glorious Revolution. Passionate about both the sciences and the arts, he was president of the Royal Society as well as being a great theatre-goer who knew many of the leading actors and actresses of the day.

An irresistible combination of public events and private passions, this new biography, by acclaimed biographer Stephen Coote, reveals how the complex compulsions, contradictions and constant awareness of life of this man from no very special background led him to become one of the most fascinating figures in English history.

“A subtle and intelligent portrait, not just of the man, but of the volatile political milieu in which he moved” – Sunday Telegraph

“Stephen Coote has written a bright, breezy life that is balanced and readable and captures the man and his age.” – Literary Review