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Second Chance

UK Publisher: Penguin

Now in their thirties, they haven’t seen one another since school, but have followed one another’s progress through Tom, who has managed to stay close to all of them. Life has been smooth, but each of them is trying to deal with their own version of a mid-life crisis:

On the surface Paul and Anna look as if they have everything a couple could want, but months of IVF treatment have destroyed them financially, and it still hasn’t worked.

Olivia is living alone, trying to juggle work and life, still trying to get over the single father who broke her heart.

Saffron, an actress, is flying between London and LA, struggling with her sobriety and struggling to deal with her long-term affair with a very famous, and very married actor.

And Holly Mac is married to Marcus, a man with whom she has two children, but who should never have been her husband. Will her burgeoning friendship with a dangerous single man give her the impetus to leave?

A horrific tragedy brings the old friends back together again, and they find themselves helping one another and making differences in one another’s lives in entirely unexpected ways.

“…we’ve had a stopwatch counting down the hours and minutes to the publication of her next book, and with Second Chance she doesn’t disappoint….A corker of a story, sharply and elegantly told. The countdown for the next JG classic has begun” – Heat