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Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion With Radical Islam

UK Publisher: Serpent's Tail

In Secret Affairs, Mark Curtis shows how Britain has helped create the Islamic terrorism that now threatens us. Exploring how the bombings of 7/7 can be traced back to groups and individuals trained and supported by Britain, Curtis draws on formerly classified government files to unravel a long history of the British government’s secret collusion with and direct involvement in Islamic terrorism, from 1945 to the present day. From the overthrow of Iran’s popular government during the 1950s and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, to Libya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia’s ruthless internal oppression, Secret Affairs shows Britain’s hidden hand in the rise of global terrorism. At a time when British forces are being sent to wage war in Afghanistan in increasing numbers, Mark Curtis’ book shows how the seeds of today’s lose-lose situation were sown a long time ago in a hidden politics as ineffective as it was immoral.

Praise for Secret Affairs:

‘This latest contribution to the remarkable record of post-World War II British foreign policy that Mark Curtis has been compiling presents often startling and deeply disturbing evidence about how, in an effort to preserve
declining influence in the world’s oil-producing regions, the government has lent frequent and critical support to the states that have been the primary sponsors of radical Islam and the terrorism that it spawns, and even to the groups that have emerged.  Unearthing this largely hidden history is a contribution of the highest significance, and could hardly be more timely.’
Noam Chomsky