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Send Me A Lover

We love. We lose. And sometimes we love again…


Back when neither could have imagined what lay ahead, Angela’s husband Jonathan made her a promise – that if he died before she did, he would see to it that she wasn’t on her own. He would send her someone to love.


Now two years have passed since Jonathan’s sudden death, but the pain of losing him is as sharp as ever. Feeling cut adrift in his native Canada, Angela whisks her vivacious mother off to a Greek island, thinking a holiday might be just the prescription she needs. But being with your mum who’s afraid of dying, when you yourself are afraid of living, is hardly the formula for a laid-back week in the sun.


It’s only when Angela meets two very different men, who both seem to have an uncanny ability to connect with her, that she starts to think…


Could Jonathan have really kept his promise?


Has he sent someone to replace him?


And how is she going to know who the right one is?

Hodder & Stoughton handle World rights, please contact Alice Howe at Hodder for further information on the rights available for this title.  Gregory & Company handle Film & Television rights in this title.