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Shadow of a Doubt

UK Publisher: Orion

Twenty-five years ago my brother was murdered in my family home.

I was sent to a psychiatric unit for killing him.

The truth is, I didn’t do it.

The whole world believed nine-year-old Cara killed her younger brother on that fateful night. But she blamed it on a paranormal entity she swears was haunting her house.

No one believed her and after two years of treatment in a psychiatric unit for delusional disorder, Cara was shunned by her remaining family and put into foster care.

Now she’s being forced to return to the family home for the first time since her brother’s death, but what if she’s about to re-discover the evil that was lurking inside its walls?


Pure suspense, where past and present collide with chilling results. On every page, there’s a sense that anything could happen. Read this one with the lights ON. Erin Kelly

A veritable chill-fest, which entertained and spooked me in equal measure. I loved it. Cass Green

Flits from desperately sad to downright terrifying – full of chills and packing a huge emotional punch. I loved it! Susi Holliday

I couldn’t put it down, and really couldn’t get poor Cara out of my head. Such a page-turner! It deserves to be huge. Louise Voss

Sad, scary, intriguing and utterly gripping. Roz Watkins

Suspenseful, chilling, with an underlying story that’s tragic on many levels. Shadow of a Doubt is an expertly crafted psychological thriller which grips from page one. Loved it. Amanda Jennings 


Chilling and heart-breaking in equal measure, SHADOW OF A DOUBT is as much a tender reflection on grief and loss as it is a hugely entertaining, fast-paced thriller. Highly atmospheric, I was completely immersed in Cara’s unsettling world from the first page to the last. A truly fresh take on the psychological suspense novel. Caroline Frear

Michelle has been writing professionally for 20 years as a journalist on magazines, including on the production desk at Elle,...