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Shifting Skin

‘The Butcher of Belle Vue’ has struck again.  Like the first two victims, the third has been partially skinned and dumped on waste ground – her muscles, tendons and ligaments exposed to view.  Only this time, her face has also been removed.
Jon Spicer and his new partner, Rick Saville, are on the investigating team.  The case is waiting for its first breakthrough when a woman approaches Jon insisting that she heard ‘The Butcher’ claiming his third victim in the next-door room of a run-down hotel in Belle Vue.  But all she has to back up her story is a business card that she recovered from the empty room the following morning – it’s from a local escort agency and the name ‘Alexia’ has been scrawled on the back.

Jon’s investigation takes him into the twilight world of Manchester’s escort agencies and the unscrupulous cosmetic surgery industry, ultimately forcing him to confront the violence that lurks within any man – even within himself.