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Sick of It

UK Publisher: Virago

‘Radical and thought-provoking, this book should drive us all to action – and the author tells us how’ – Gina Rippon, author of The Gendered Brain

‘Illuminating, accessible and important’ – Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan, author of Unheard: The Medical Practice of Silencing

We know the causes of death and disease among women all over the world. We have the funding and commitment from governments and philanthropists to tackle it. So why are women still dying when they don’t have to?

In this essential, accessible book, Professor Sophie Harman argues that women’s health is being caught in the crossfires of global politics – and gives us a roadmap for how we might stop it.

There are multiple case studies on how women’s health is being used and abused by politics and politicians across the globe: the repeal of abortion rights, Serena Williams’ near-death experience, the bombing of Ukrainian maternity hospitals, and lesser-known issues like health-washing by countries like Rwanda and the exploitation of women by the very health organisations that are supposed to help them.

Through these and other stories, Sick of It explores urgent, topical questions around populist politics, big data and how women’s work is valued, and offers smart solutions on how to fix this crisis through activism and political work.

Sophie Harman is Professor of International Politics at Queen Mary University of London, and has over fifteen years of experience...