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Singing to the Dead

Two seven-year-old boys have been abducted from the streets of Glasgow. Both have already endured years of neglect and betrayal – but for detective inspector Collin Anderson the case is especially disturbing, because the boys look so much like his own son Peter…


Then with police resources stretched to breaking point, a simple house fire turns into a full-scale murder hunt. An invisible killer is picking off victims at random and, if DS Costello’s hunch is correct, committing an ingenious deception.


As his squad struggle to work both cases, DI Anderson learns that deception and betrayal come in many guises. For while the boys’ abductor is still out there no child is safe – as young Peter Anderson is about to find out…



“Ramsay’s standout achievement in this novel is that though there are more than a dozen major characters, she manages to dab flesh and blood on each of them. There are good people, bad people and many shades of grey.” Winnowed

“This book is the follow up to Absolution (Ramsey’s first novel) and I’m glad to say Singing to the Dead is even better…sibling rivalry and unrequited love all come together in the end to a series of plot twists and turns that manage to thrill while letting you believe this could all be going on down your own street. I confess it had me in tears at one point. The dialogue is superb and convincing. The characters are well drawn and, at times, harrowing in their realism.  It is a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. The first book was published to critical acclaim and this is not Absolution part two, this stands as a fine piece of work in its own right.” Anggie Anderson, Borders


“compelling and well thought out…The characters are strong and original…It’s no surprise that Absolution, Ramsay’s first novel, was shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger award – hopefully these two books are the start of a long and mysterious series.”

Jennie Blake, Bookgeeks


“This is a tightly plotted and skilfully handled book. The multiple plot lines are carefully interwoven and it boasts a veritable host of interesting characters among the police and the myriad suspects and secondary roles. The main protagonists of Anderson and DS Costello are solid and believable…Ramsay could step into Ian Rankin’s shoes if she keeps this up.”   Pat Austin, Euro Crime


“The plot is complex and the narrative tone is engaging, with several laugh out loud moments. It’s also fair to say that this excellent novel …Put simply, this is quality stuff.”  Crimesquad