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UK Publisher: Firefly

Who are you if you’ve never seen another face like yours? Where do you belong if you don’t know where your home is? What do you call yourself when others call you ‘freak’…?

Skrimsli is a second fantasy adventure from author Nicola Davies, set in a world where animals and humans can sometimes share their thoughts. It traces the early life of Skrimsli, the tiger sea captain who stole readers’ hearts in The Song that Sings Us. He and his friends, Owl and Kal, must first escape the clutches of tyrannical circus owner Kobret Majak and his twin assassin-acrobats, then stop a war and save an ancient forest! Skrimsli and his friends are helped by desert princess the Palatine and her eagle, a chihuahua who thinks she’s a wolf, a horse with heart of gold and the crew of a very unusual ship. This is a story full of excitement and danger, that explores themes of friendship, loyalty, identity and love, in the context of some of humanity’s toughest problems.


“I have just this minute finished your marvellous, beautiful, beautiful story. It’s absolutely wonderful. The way you inhabit your wonderful characters, especially Owl, Kal and Skrimsli; the boldness and imaginative bravery in the storytelling on such a grand scale, the beauty of the language and your insight into the natural world… the wisdom: breathtakingly lovely. Wow you are an amazing writer. I lived inside the story. Cried. All the wisdom about purpose. Love. Belonging. EVERYONE should read this book. Grown ups especially.” – Julia Green

“Sublimely satisfying, Skrimsli is an extraordinary read – visceral, immersive, exquisite. It’s gripping, masterful and powerful. I adored The Song That Sings Us with all my heart and Skrimsli easily exceeded even my sky-high expectations. An absolute must-read from a storyteller at her best. Bravo!” – Liz Hyder

Nicola Davies started her career as a Zoologist before working for the BBC Natural History Unit for ten years as...