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It’s been a hell of a year – and Detective Inspector Daniel Jouma, a man who has taken one holiday in 30 years, decides it’s high time for a little R and R.

With his wife visiting her sick sister, Jouma vows to conquer his fear of the ocean by taking a trip with his friend, ex-cop turned fishing boat skipper Jake Moore.

As usual, trouble is not far behind. The two men are kidnapped by a gang of desperate Somali cut-throats fleeing after an act of daring piracy on the high seas, and  taken to the Kanshish, the floating lair of  warlord Omar Abdulle – ambitious, ruthless, and very much the model of a 21st century pirate.

A frantic search for the two men gets underway, but with Omar seeking revenge against the authorities it looks like it could be too late.

Then the pirate’s young daughter is found murdered, and suddenly Jake and Jouma must pool all their accumulated expertise to catch a killer.

The reward for cracking the case is to be spared. But when an attempted hostage exchange goes terribly wrong, Jake and Jouma find themselves hunted and on the run for their very lives in the broiling, lawless snakepit of Somalia itself.