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Something in the Air

UK Publisher: Doubleday

Ever since a visit to the dentist, Peggy has been hearing the oddest noises reverberating in her head. It’s not clanging water pipes, or creaking floorboards from outside, or music, or humming in her own mind. In fact what it really sounds like is Morse code – a rapid staccato of dots and dashes of the sort used by radio operators in the Great War just a few years before. But why would anyone be transmitting Morse code that fast – and through Peggy’s head?

Who can Peggy confide in? The only possibility is her young aunt, Stella – a true friend and trusted confidante. But instead of the reassuring response Peggy expects from her aunt, Stella has a disturbing explanation for the strange sounds.

Could the noise in Peggy’s head really be a message from the past, from a world beyond the grave?

A finely wrought picture of a girl’s life in 1920s England.