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Something Is Going To Fall Like Rain

UK Publisher: Beautiful Books Limited

In Adek, a tiny village in the sprawling desert of Southern Sudan, a community lives on a knife-edge of starvation and war, at the mercy of the bombs that fall from the sky like rain. When three western aidworkers are stranded here – a place where poets carry Kalashnikovs and rebel commanders wear pink dressing gowns- their presence brings hope and danger in equal measure. An ominous ode to Africa’s violent beauty, Something is Going to Fall Like Rain is also a life-affirming reminder that love and happiness can co-exist with famine and conflict.

Praise for Something Is Going To Fall Like Rain:

“An authentic, well-written and deeply-felt portrait of the tragedy that is South Sudan, and of the well-intentioned fumblings of the aid agencies on the ground” – John le Carre

“A moving, beautifully written book that captures Africa in all its humanity and heartbreak. Written with controlled rage and a clear-eyed love for a people and a country, the author makes us taste the red dust of South Sudan, and feel the horror of the East African dying rooms, and the weight of a world where tears are too small. A book of meat and emotion, blood and fire – it is a story of our time. And a masterpiece” – Tony Parsons

“Evocative, moving and gripping” – Glenys Kinnock