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Songbird of the Sorrows (Myths of The Empyrieos #1)

Ask no questions. Obey your orders. Respect your masters. But most of all… Love no one.

Born without breath, Aella’s life began with a solemn promise etched in fate. Ousted from the Palace of Sorrows and gifted to the Aviary at a young age, she was shaped to fit the mold they made for her.

Spy. Thief. Princess. Songbird.

After Aella completes her training and passes the Naming ceremony, she is assigned to the prestigious Alpha Flight, led by none other than her former flame. Everything about Raven calls to her. He is brave, loyal, and lethal. But love is forbidden within the Aviary.

When Alpha Flight is tasked with infiltrating the eastern kingdom’s royal trials to seek a weapon hidden deep within its court, Aella struggles with the expectations placed on her.

As old sparks reignite and the harsh realities of the realm reveal themselves, she must decide whether to follow orders or defy them.


Songbird of the Sorrows was self-published in June 2024. It is currently on submission to translation publishers and not yet on submission to English language publishers.

Braidee Otto is an adult romantic fantasy author, with her debut novel, Songbird of the Sorrows, self-published in June 2024. As...