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Spider’s House

UK Publisher: Orion

When Anna’s husband is offered a job in the Dorset village of Abbots Newton, she’s as happy to move as he is. While she enjoys city life, her career as a novelist is going nowhere – and she hopes that the country might inspire her. After the move, however, it’s a different story. With few ideas for her new novel and little else to do, Annas getting increasingly restless when she makes a shocking discovery – Rebecca Fisher, the notorious child murderess of the 1960s, was the previous inhabitant of their picturesque old cottage. At first, Anna’s just curious and begins reading up on the case that appalled and fascinated the nation. Yet as she learns more, she becomes increasingly convinced that she’s close to discovering something else – secrets that have been hidden away for over thirty years. But someone else has other ideas. As an unseen enemy threatens her marriage, her safety and ultimately her life, Anna realises that by understanding Rebecca Fisher, she might just be able to save herself… With the chilling insight that has made Sarah Diamond one of the most widely-praised crime writers to emerge in recent years, THE SPIDER’S HOUSE is a deeply compelling novel laced with creeping unease and menace.


‘Spooky and fascinating…definitely not a book to read if youve just moved into a sleepy little hamlet!’Birmingham Evening Post

‘The Spider’s House chillingly evokes an old tragedy and a desperate latter-day cover-up, endangering the life of the investigating heroine…Diamond gives good contemporary country fright!’ SAGA magazine

‘Diamond twists the coils of supense to breaking point…a first-class psychological thriller thats probably best read with the lights on.’ Daily Record

‘Unbelievably chilling…this gripping and unsettling book is bound to have you reading late into the night.’ Peterborough Evening News

‘Good story with a dramatic climax.’ Mystery Women