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Stranger in the Family

UK Publisher: Allison & Busby
US Publisher: Scribners

At the age of three, Kit Philipson was abducted whilst on holiday with his family in Italy. He grew up adored by his adopted parents but as his mother lay dying she told him her terrible secret and gave him name and address of his real mother.

Isla Novello is thrilled to have her long-lost son back but not all of the family are happy to welcome Kit back into the fold. They’re all concerned about their inheritance now their brother is back on the scene. And why are they all so reluctant for him to investigate his disappearance all those years ago?

Kit is determined to find out the truth about his abduction and the murky motives that lay behind it. His search for the truth will see him questioning the morality of all those near and dear to him and take him on an epic journey across Europe and back in time to the horrors of Nazi Germany.



“One of the deftest stylists in the field.” The New York Times Book  Review

It’s a quietly told story by a master of the form who drags the reader into a complex world in which we learn that good fathers come in very different forms. In the end, Kit is left to ponder this question: Is it a crime if the person who benefited most was the victim? A well-raised son, he already knows the answer..” The Denver Post

“Apart from the technical mastery, what makes a Barnard mystery a delight to read is the wry insight and asides tossed out by his characters… delicious moments of reflection… make a reader loath to reach the final pages.” The Washington Post

“You can count on a Barnard mystery being witty, intelligent, and a joy to read.” Publishers Weekly