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UK Publisher: Penguin

Simon, known to his friends as Stuff, has a lot of problems:

Problem 1 is that his home has been invaded. His Dad’s new girlfriend has moved in and, worse, so has her daughter, who is the same age as Stuff, but with no sense of humour and no taste in music.

Problem 2 is his girlfriend, Delfine, who has a brother who would break both Stuff’s arms if he broke up with her.

Problem 3 is the new girl at school. Stunning. Gorgeous. Willowy. Stuff is convinced she is his Destiny. But this takes him back to Problem 2.

Stuff decides that his only option is to plan the Great Escape. He’s got a sleeping bag, a camping stove and a selection of batteries, but can he cope without a toaster, or a cheese grater, and what about an egg whisk?

Part story, part comic strip, STUFF is a shocking expose of the life of an ordinary confused 14-year-old boy.

This is Jeremy Strong’s first book for the teenage market.