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Sunshine On Scotland Street (44 Scotland Street #8)

UK Publisher: Polygon
US Publisher: Anchor

It seems there is no such thing as a quiet life for the residents of 44 Scotland Street.

The ever-so-pleased-with-himself Bruce is puzzled by a familiar face as he meets his new neighbour Jonathan.  The fact that Jonathan is his double shakes Bruce’s vanity to the core, but then an idea occurs.  The two young men embark on an outrageous joint venture, but will Bruce be two-faced in more senses than one?

On the morning of Angus Lordie’s marriage to Domenica, Matthew discovers to his horror that Angus is hopelessly ill-prepared for his big day and he is left to avert disaster.  Angus’s departure on honeymoon means a bewildering and eventful time for his dog, Cyril, first in the Pollock household, where the long-suffering Bertie – sympathising with a fellow victim – hatches a bold plan to remove him from Irene’s clutches.  And Berties father, Stuart, discovers that his missing car has found its place in the national spotlight.

Not to be outdone, Big Lou becomes an overnight internet sensation when a trailer for a TV documentary in which she features goes viral.

From social media to social ritual and the finer points of human behaviour, this latest episode of the bestselling 44 Scotland Street series provides an entertaining commentary on a small corner of modern life where the sun (nearly) always shines.

Alexander McCall Smith CBE was born in Zimbabwe in 1948 and educated there and in Scotland. He enjoyed a distinguished...