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Superloo: Queen Victoria’s Potty

UK Publisher: Puffin

Superloo has an ego as big as a planet, a microchip that belongs to NASA and a mission to rescue its toilet ancestors from the past.

In this fourth book, it’s off to Victorian times with Finn, his reluctant human helper, to rescue the magnificent musical 1812 Overture Toilet, designed by the great Sir Walter Closet. Along the way Finn gets stuck in a chimney while Superloo ends up at the bottom of the river – but nothing stops our heroes when there’s a toilet in peril!

A rollicking, rumbustious ride through Victorian times, involving slums, evil factory owners and a great deal you never knew about Victorian potties. All history books should be like this! Martin Chatterton’s puzzles and flick effects add to the fun.

Susan Gates was born in 1950, in Grimsby, and at 18 she went to Africa to teach in a school...