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Surface and Finish

UK Publisher: Quadrille

Surface and Finish is a comprehensive guide to the very latest in materials technology, which has entered a whole new dimension in the last few years. Alongside tried-and-tested surfaces and finishes that have graced our interiors for centuries – fine hardwoods, polished stone, carpets and rugs – are exciting innovations that stretch our understanding of what a material can be. Concrete that is light and translucent; fabric that responds to its environment by lighting up; tiles that can be moved from place to place at will. What it is, where to get it, what to do with it – each material has its own comprehensive, accessible entry enabling you to fill your home with the very best of what is on offer. The book is divided into four parts, opening with a section on classic natural and composite materials including wood and stone, brick, ceramic, and carpet. The next two sections deal with crossovers from industrial to domestic – building materials that have been refined and updated for home use from glass, concrete and metal to rubber and tiles. The final section is devoted to sustainable materials, as we are all increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our choices, and looks at wood alternatives, eco glass, recycled fabric and natural textiles. Throughout the book, smart design, photographs of contemporary interiors and detailed close-ups of each material make this as visually inspiring as it is unfailingly practical.