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UK Publisher: Transworld

It’s a cold wet night when a car pulls into a service station on Dublin’s quays. Strapped into the back is a three year old boy. Asleep.

Five minutes later he’s gone – kidnapped in the time it’s taken his mother to pay for her petrol. Terror-stricken, she can think of only one person who can help her.

DI Jo Birmingham

Jo’s search for the little boy takes her into a dark worlt of lies and corruption , Where sex is a commodity to be bought and sold – and where the lost and vulnerable are in terrifying danger…


‘The Sunday World’s crime correspondent delivers a cracking thriller featuring Garda DI Jo Birmingham, a single mother peeling away layers of the sordid underbelly of post Celtic Tiger Ireland, where cocaine and heroin, sex trafficking and casual violence are endemic, in search of a kidnapped child.’, Irish Independent